About Us

What is mygogs.com

mygogs.com is an on-line directory devoted to goods and services in the Fashion & Beauty industry. Our aim is to provide a natural and easily accessed meeting place for both providers and consumers of those goods and services.

Our Goal

mygogs.com has been established to enable Fashion & Beauty businesses to market, promote and expand their products and services to their chosen market. At the same time, we provide an easy access point for consumers to quickly search, appraise and select their chosen product and/or service.

We Appreciate Your Suggestions

We strive to keep the business information as precise and accurate as possible. However, due to the highly dynamic nature of the website, we may from time to time, omit to correct/remove some outdated information. We appreciate any such alert from you through: Contact Us.

Your on-going feedback and suggestions are most welcome. They enhance our ability to keep the website fresh and dynamic and thereby service you, our Fashion & Beauty clients. Please provide your feedback and/or suggestions through: Contact Us