Amber Sceats

  • Published date: July 10, 2018
  • Modified date: July 10, 2018

Amber Sceats founded her self titled accessories company in 2012. Since launching in Sydney, Amber quickly gained a high profile in the media spotlight as one of Australia’s most dynamic designers. Heavily influenced by her appreciation for art, travel and architecture; AMBER SCEATS is an ode to the abstract. The underlying ‘rock’ element throughout her collections make the pieces uncompromisingly contemporary whilst simultaneously timeless.

Ever evolving, Amber has sourced the finest of craftsmen in the Provinces of Tuscany and Paris. Combining such fine artistry from ITALY and FRANCE, Sceats has set her horizons far and wide. With her online presence increasing radidly from strength to strength, it’s little wonder that the AMBER SCEATS brand is now an INTERNATIONAL sensation. Exploding onto the International circuit, AMBER SCEATS has Hollywood buzzing after celebrity brand fans such as Taylor Swift, Ruby Rose and Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted in her latest collections.

Amber Sceats has just launched her ninth collection; SALACIA ( mythology ) Roman Queen of the Sea. SALACIA, derives from exquisite craftsmanship across the rolling hills of eastern Tuscany, ITALY and Paris, FRANCE. This innovative collection injects a whole new level of charisma with each piece being hand crafted from such artistically skilled provinces. The fine artistry, atypical silhouettes and raw innovation creates an enchanting affair of sophistication. British sensation; Eliza Fairbanks transforms subtle romance into an energetic fusion of refined elegance. Coupled with talented photographer Sylvie Colless, an aura of paranormal beauty is defined.With an abundance of the atypical, SALACIA sets to soar as the combination of unique styles sweep upon our shores.